"A 15 minute workout on the VibroGym burns more fat and

creates more muscle than 90 minutes of conventional training".


Vibration Fitness


Benefits of Vibration Training:


Decreases back pain              Increases muscular strength             Shorter recovery after workouts                      Improves flexibility

Decreases cellulite                 Increases bone density                      Lower blood glucose levels                             Reduces stress levels

Decreases varicose veins      Increases growth hormone                Faster recovery post operative                        Improves co-ordination skills

Decreases body fat                Increases testosterone                      Treats & prevents incontinence                       Harmony of mind & body

Decreases blood pressure     Increases basal metabolic rate          Alleviates symptoms of Multiple Scolerosis


How does the VibroGym work?


The VibroGym is 100% vertical vibration.  These vibrations transfer to your body and cause the muscles to automatically contract and adjust to the mechanical stimuli. The involuntary contraction activates the body balance system and by the muscles contracting the balance is restored. Instead of recruiting between 40-60% muscle fibres with conventional training, using the vibroGym it is possible to recruit up to 100%


Within 15 minutes you can achieve an effective workout for your entire body, due to the vibrations stimulating the whole system at once and not just one muscle at a time. Muscle failure can occur within 3 minutes of exercising correctly and as you enhance the programme your metabolism will increase and therefore it will intensify fat burning. The workouts are achieved with minimal stress on the joints, tendons, and ligaments, making the VibroGym an ideal piece of equipment for rehabilitation, sports therapy and normal use.


How long has Whole Vibration Training been around? 


The revolutionary vibration based training was developed by Russian scientists in 1970's. It not only ensured astronaut fitness in space but also helped them to regain their strength after returning to Earth. After development and research, the results showed that the austronauts were able to return to 'normal' quicker than with conventional training. Due to the loss of gravity in space there is a decrease in muscle mass and bone density.  With vibration training after returning to Earth, the decrease was reversed.  Additionally there were improvments in hormone level, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


The principle of pre-vibration training was then given to the Russian volleyball team who then went on to win all competitions that year, improving jump height and strength. The vibration platforms have since been expanded and you are likely to see them on the gym floors, in salons and in personal training studios (such like here). Physiotherapists and rehabilitatists alike use vibration as part of therapy and recovery for patients and top sports athletes also use vibration training as part of their training rountine, pre and post match.



Who is suitable for using Vibration Training?


Vibration Training and Therapy is an exhilarating and suitable form of exercise for everyone: children from the age of 10, senior citizens, people with health problems, rehabilitating patients, top athletes, recreational athletes and for those who wish to combat cellulite and/or lose weight.


Studies & Research has continued throughout the last 30+ years and the list of benifits to vibration training show that this machine is one of the best forms of exercise out there in todays fitness world. In 15 minutes on the VibroGym you are working the equivalent of 90 minutes of conventional training, ideal for people with busy lives.


Why should you come to MultiFit Training?


Haylley started working with Whole Body Vibration Training in 2003 and has throughly enjoyed this type of training and therapy training. Over the years of training on the VibroGym Haylley has witnessed some amazing results with her customers as well as herself, such as weight loss, cellulite reduction, helping sleep disorders and pain relief. Using the VibroGym for training has great benefits on the body improving muscular strength and fitness, the exercises will be focused on your problem areas. Haylley designs your programme for your individual aims and goals. You can either join a Vibration Circuit group, with your friend/ partner or as a 1:1


Haylley is a qualified GP referral Instructor and has trained a range of disabilities on the VibroGym from Multiple Sclerosis, Polio and Parkinson's disease to Diabetes, injuries, back pain and Sciatica. Each one has achieved some great results with also having an improvement on thier physical well being. Customers attending sessions for pre-operative strengthening and training have gained improvements and shown a faster recovery post the surgery as the training puts no stress or strain on the joints but improves the muscles.    

For example, Diabetic Customers have noticed that their blood glucose levels drop and with their sugar levels remaining steady and low, their associated health problems are improved and therefore they feel fitter and healthier.


Type of Vibration Programms offered at MultiFit Training:


  • Vibration Fitness - Personal Training

  • Vibration Fitness - 2:1

  • Vibration Circuits

  • Wedding Bootcamp

  • Medical Vibration Therapy

  • Pain Relief Treatment


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