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"I have had Multiple Sclerosis for the past 10 years and have found that training on the VibroGym has helped me gain strength and co-ordination. My balance has improved and I am not as lethargic.  I have been working on my drop foot for the past few months and I have not only improved on lifting my foot as I walk but I have even been able to attempt a few yards running & cycling on a bike. I leave the studio full of energy ready to tackle the rest of my day."  - Peter Cole


"I came to see Haylley at the studio for strengthening my knee before my operation, I just only wish I had discovered Haylley & the VibroGym sooner as I noticed such a difference. Within  weeks of training on the VibroGym I was so surprised how great my leg felt; pain free and light." - Bill Foster


"Haylley is a fantastic aqua teacher.  Her high energy classes are tough but are great fun. Every class is different with noodles, dumbbells or in the deep end, she is very knowledgeable and really friendly" - Brenda Scott


"I have been coming training for 3 months and I have lost 10cm. I love it!" - Zoe Taylor


"I have loved circuit training with Haylley as she keep it fun, challenging and varied.  Every session is different." - Lavinia Ward


"Since I have been training on the VibroGym I have had such an improvement on my thighs and reduction the cellulite and varicose veins is amazing. I can not wait to wear dresses and skirts in the summer" -  Rae Slade


"I had 8 weeks before my wedding day and Haylley really helped me to get the body I wanted to get. I lost an inch off each thigh, an inch off my tummy and my bingo wings became toned, sleek and I looked fantastic in my dress" - Rachel Tipper


"I read an article about the VibroGym in a local magazine and intrigued I came to the studio for a training session.  I haven't looked back ever since as I have enjoyed every session, focusing on my problem areas I have lost a dress size and feel fabulous" -  Emma Ares


"After having 3 kids I have been left with a bad back and for months have really suffered.  Having discussed my medical conditions with Haylley, she did a body anaylsis. After the consultation she has used the VibroGym, particular stretches and exercises and I have been pain free ever since and have focused on correcting my posture and strength. I am now able to run around after my kids and feel fit and healthy" - Sonia Patel


"I have lost weight, I feel fantastic and have found a trainer who takes everything into account. My diet was bad and I was sat at a desk all day feeling exhausted but  now I have signed up to do a 10k fun run." -  Gary Hall

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