Multifit Training believes that everyone is an individual and has different needs. We are committed and passionate about what we do and would like you to enjoy your fitness experience each and every time you attend our sessions. Our trainers and therapists are fully qualified and insured fitness consultants and therapists. Our company is proud to offer a comprehensive collection of fitness and rehabilitation training. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry our trainers have a vast array of experience and expertise to suit every need. All of our trainers maintain a high level of education with continous updates and conventions to tap into the latest developments and research as well as striving to gain more qualifications within their chosen fields.


We at Multifit Training are focused on your enjoyment of each session.  Enjoyment is the key to sucess, encouraging you to work harder and achieve results rapidly

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About Us

Meet Haylley Pittam

The proprietor of Multifit Training & Education Director of Vibration Education UK


Haylley has over 18 years of working in the fitness industry and has represented UK internationally within the aquatic field and has over 20 qualifications from personal trainer, nutrient advisor and weight managerment, to Pole Fitness instructor and swimming teacher.

Haylley has always been very active and competed at a high level in both swimming and dancing before an injury caused her to reconsider her direction. Developing a passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals she is now one of the top UK aquatic fitness specialists and Vibration Training specialists, encouraging fellow enthusiasts to also become instructors.


Opening her fitness studio in 2007, Haylley prides herself in her customer service and will always strive to achieve customer satisfaction and the results which the customer desires.


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